We opened on the 3rd of February 2017 starting with 6 lotus belle tents. We have since changed to the geodesic domes as they suit the environs more.

We have 6 domes. FIve domes are 6 metres in diametre, and one dome – Station Peak – is 7 metres diametre, it's massive!

The domes are positioned for privacy, although Kirkliston Range dome is not as private as it is overlooks 2 domes in front of it. We do have curtains in this dome and in Mt Domett dome.

Yes! Absolutely! Each dome accommodates a family of 2 adults and 2 children, and the super king beds are big enough for an extra little one.

No. Unfortunately, we don't allow dogs as we have had problems in the past with people bringing their dogs. We have had to make a blanket decision to not allow any dogs. It would be different if we only had one dome and you would be staying on your own here, but there are other guests to consider. We have 2 dogs here ourselves, plus sheep and cattle on the farm. So, you see there are many variables to think of. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes! Breakfast is included in the price of the accommodation; it is a continental breakfast but also includes farm fresh eggs.

Yes! We are open all year round! during the colder months (June to September) you are able to use the little log burner fires in the domes. We have blocked off the other 2 domes during these months so that everyone staying will be snug and warm in the domes.

It can get cold on some nights in summer too, but as we usually have all domes booked – especially at weekends, and to make it fair for the people staying in domes without a fire, we have made the decision not to use the little fires outside of the winter months. We provide hot water bottles which warm the beds up beautifully! Fires can be used from the beginning of May to mid-October.

Absolutely not! We purposely don't have wifi as we encourage people to unplug, digitally detox from phones/screens and immerse themselves in nature. We have plenty of board games and cards. You won't be able to take your eyes of the views anyway!

Yes. It's pretty good actually.

We have electricity in the lodge. It is completely off-grid and we run our lights and fans from solar panels. There is no electricity in the domes but we have solar fairy lights and candles (so romantic!)

These take a lot of electricity to run, so no you can't use them here, sorry!

Our big dome (Station Peak) has an ensuite composting toilet. Our lodge has shared bathrooms with mens, ladies and accessible bathrooms.

It is a waterless, no-smell, no-fuss eco-friendly disposal system that doesn't waste or pollute water and turns your ones and twos into a useful compost. You simply scoop a handful of wood shavings onto your business and close the lid! It really doesn't smell (you might have to try it to believe me).

Yes it does get warm during the day, but we have solar extractor fans which take the hot air out and provides great air flow. Our typical NZ cooler nights are perfect for sleeping though.

Our lodge is our communal kitchen/dining/bathrooms facility which is beautifully designed and makes you feel you have arrived at a fancy hut in the mountains. The kitchen has everything needed for cooking (although, we don't have a microwave oven). There is a large 12-seater table plus two outdoor dining tables for the warmer evenings.

Yes! We have two sets of twin tubs in our forest, one with fantastic views of the valley, and the other with amazing views of a tussocky gully.

No, people simply work it out for themselves when they are here. We have signs on the trees to indicate if the baths are 'in use' or 'not in use'.